Suggestions for Memorization

Using music can help make memorizing God’s word easier. But even with songs, there are a few things you can do to speed the process even more.  Add one of these to your process, or better yet, try them in order:

1. Listen to the song many times.

2. Sing along.

Play the track and sing along until you can do the entire song by memory.

3. Sing it by memory, without the recording.

4. Say it without singing it.

At first your speech may be stilted, pausing when the song pauses and saying certain syllables shorter or longer than normal. Say it enough times that you can begin to say it naturally, in your own voice.

5. Use the scripture in various contexts.

Pray the scripture to God.  Quote it for your family.  Use it when counseling your friend.  Quote it and meditate upon it.

Your goal is to get the scripture firmly fixed in your mind, and strongly planted in your heart. Learn it well enough that you can share it “naturally.” The song itself will eventually become a backup when your memory fails, and will last for many years.